Pro-Life Democrats to Rally in Atlanta Ahead of November 20, 2019 Debate

Washington, DC, November 15, 2019 – Democrats For Life of America (DFLA)Pro-Life San Francisco, Georgia Life Alliance, and the Pro-Life Democratic Candidate PAC are holding a rally in Atlanta before the Democratic presidential debate to advocate for inclusion of pro-life Democrats in the party.
"Statistics state that one-in-three Democrats are pro-life. We have an incredible opportunity to represent Democrats who believe in the sanctity of life to the Democratic presidential candidates," said DFL of Georgia Chapter Coordinator Reverend Harriet Bradley. "The candidates are largely listening to the abortion extremist’s voice and ignoring the concerns of the pro-life voting bloc. We do have a voice. Our vote matters, and our vote should count. We will be silent no more!!”
The rally gathers pro-life advocates from Atlanta and both local and national speakers to assert that the Democratic Party is stronger when it is inclusive. Furthermore, there is a pro-life Democratic voting bloc that is being ignored, which could result in millions of voters staying home rather than voting for candidates who continue to advocate for a platform that celebrates abortion.
“The Democratic Party needs pro-life Democrats because the party is at risk of handing over a winnable election to Republicans because of their extreme abortion plank,” said Jacob Lupfer, who runs strategy and communications firm The Relay Group, which consults for the Pro-Life Democratic Candidate PAC. “Moderation on the life issue could win over voters who are concerned about President Trump's character and conduct in office.”
Also leading the charge for inclusion of pro-life voters is “left-wing pro-lifer” Terrisa Bukovianc. Bukovianc, who leads Pro-Life San Francisco, engages in robust pro-life advocacy and coalition work in California’s most liberal city. Bukovianc is a national leader in fighting against fetal-tissue harvesting for medical research, a grizzly agenda that demands and consumes taxpayer-financed fetal remains.
“What disturbs me almost as much as live human fetal dismemberment is the fact that we Democrats, the most progressive party in the nation, and the leader in global progressive thought and policy, are allowing the Trump Administration to hold the moral high ground on this issue,” said Bukovianc. “The majority of Democrats want to see elective late-term abortion more restricted than it is today, and we demand representation. Abortion extremism is not progress.”
DFLA is also supporting the goals of the Pro-Life Democratic Candidate PAC to protest the party’s “extreme abortion plank at every step of the 2020 election: the nominating contest, delegate selection, the DNC platform, the convention in Milwaukee, the general election campaign, and the Electoral College.”
“The candidates who qualified for this debate are not seeking the support of millions of Democratic voters who would like to see abortion less necessary and less common,” said Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life of America. She added, “I am proud of the DFLA members who are speaking up and voicing their concerns about the lack of diversity in the party when it comes to views on abortion.”
Georgia is an active pro-life state with significant legal protections for women and unborn children, including an informed-consent law, a parental-involvement requirement for minors considering abortions, and an ultrasound mandate. The state recently passed a law to ban abortion after six weeks.
“The Georgia Democratic Party has been radicalized by extremist leadership from a former Planned Parenthood staffer who enforces a religious support for abortion up until and after birth. These views are out of touch with many Democrats, even in the General Assembly, who support the right to life,” said Joshua Edmonds, the executive director of Georgia Life Alliance. “With the party now targeting pro-life Democrats in next year’s election, it is time for pro-life Democrats in Georgia to take their party back.”

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