For pro-life Mississippians, there’s only one choice in November

By Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life

To me, it's simple — for every pro-life Mississippian, there's only one choice in the November 7 gubernatorial election: Brandon Presley. 

As a Christian, a pro-life advocate, and a Democrat — in that order — my convictions on the sanctity of life are deeply personal. For years, I've been known for challenging my party's orthodoxy on abortion on demand, often at odds with Presidents Biden and Obama, the DNC and Washington Democrats. It's a sometimes lonely position, but I firmly believe it's the right path.

As a mother, my pro-life convictions are deeply personal. I know the incredible joy and love that a child can bring into one's life. I also understand the sacrifices and challenges that come with motherhood. But I've always believed that life is a precious gift that begins at conception and should be protected and cherished at every stage.

Unlike some who pay lip service to being pro-life during campaign season, I walk the walk every day. I support policies that promote a culture of life, from access to affordable healthcare and parental leave to sex education and support for pregnant women. I believe that being pro-life means advocating for policies that ensure a child has every opportunity to thrive, from the moment they're conceived to long after they're born.

That's why I'm proud to support Brandon Presley for Mississippi Governor. Brandon is an authentically pro-life politician who understands that life doesn't end at birth, like me. He governs like John Bel Edwards in Louisiana, where he's worked tirelessly to expand Medicaid, invest in education, and create jobs. Brandon knows that being pro-life means caring for the most vulnerable among us, and he's committed to building a Mississippi where every child has a chance to succeed.

Unlike some politicians who claim to be pro-life but do little to support mothers and families, Brandon is the real deal. He's a champion for affordable healthcare, paid family leave, and quality education — all things that pro-life advocates should rally behind.

Now, let's address the stark realities facing Mississippi. The state leads the nation in childhood poverty and maternal mortality. These aren't just statistics; they represent the lives and well-being of Mississippians. Tate Reeves, the incumbent governor, has had his chance to address these pressing issues but has fallen short. His leadership has been marred by scandal and inadequate responses to the challenges that Mississippians face daily.

Brandon Presley offers a fresh start, a new vision for Mississippi. He understands that pro-life values extend beyond rhetoric and must translate into actions that support struggling families. Brandon is committed to reducing childhood poverty and tackling the alarming maternal mortality rates. He recognizes that a pro-life stance demands comprehensive support for mothers, infants, and families.

For Mississippi pro-lifers, there's only one choice on November 7: Brandon Presley. He's a leader who will protect the unborn and support mothers and families every step of the way. He's a politician who understands that life is a continuum, and our commitment to it should be unwavering.

So, to my fellow pro-life advocates, I say this: Don't be swayed by party labels or political posturing. Look for candidates like Brandon Presley, who are authentically pro-life from womb to tomb. Support leaders who will not only defend the unborn but also work to create a Mississippi where every child has the opportunity to thrive.

In this election, let's prioritize our pro-life values and vote for candidates who will truly uphold the sanctity of life. Together, we can build a Mississippi — and a nation — where every life is valued, cherished, and given the chance to flourish.

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