Rep. Gottheimer Cutting Off Resources To Vulnerable Families

Hackensack, New Jersey, February 28, 2024 - Today, Democrats in the 5th Congressional District held a press conference expressing concerns over Representative Gottheimer's criticisms of non-profit facilities predominantly staffed by volunteers in his constituency. The Congressman's push for the federal government to close down these vital nonprofits, which furnish women with necessities like diapers, car seats, and other supports for pregnant and parenting individuals, has confused and troubled Democrats who care about providing assistance to those in need.
Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life, voiced concerns over the unequal financial assistance available to families in New Jersey regarding abortion access and overall support. "The Congressman wants to burden financially insecure families by cutting off essential resources, demonstrating a lack of understanding of these nonprofit’s critical importance," stated Day.
Despite invitations from Democrats For Life of America to tour local pregnancy resource clinics and gain accurate insights, Congressman Gottheimer has declined, opting instead to perpetuate falsehoods about these centers in multiple press conferences.
Ephraim Manna, a volunteer in one of the centers said, “Pregnancy centers connect pregnant women to resources that will allow them to make an informed choice and support their child post-birth. When women are not given the breadth of options available to them, we are forcing them into a corner only to make one choice - abortion. When women are aware of opportunities for support for their pregnancy and support to stay in school or food and housing assistance, they are able to make an informed choice about their future for themselves and their baby.”
Data from the Guttmacher Institute reveals that 70% of women cite financial reasons for seeking abortion. Democrats For Life urges Congressman Gottheimer to prioritize solutions for pregnant individuals rather than depriving them of resources. 
New Jersey's abortion rate, double the national average, and alarming statistics on maternal mortality, underscore the urgent need for comprehensive support.
"Rep. Gottheimer’s support for childcare credits, family leave, and Medicaid expansion highlights his commitment to comprehensive family support,” said DFLA Board Member Craig Miller. “We are thankful for his efforts on these issues. All we are asking is that he includes these nonprofit's in his agenda to support vulnerable families in New Jersey."
Kristen Day stressed the importance of moving beyond political rhetoric towards comprehensive support for pregnant individuals and families, particularly those in marginalized communities disproportionately affected by abortion rates. "Efforts should focus on providing equitable support and resources, rather than solely on unlimited abortion access without adequate care for pregnant individuals," Day emphasized. “This has nothing to do with abortion bans, this is about providing financial support for vulnerable families. Everyone should support this- Republican or Democrat.”

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